UNKILLED – FPS Zombie Games IPA MOD (all weapons unlocked) For Iphone & Ipad

Every now and then, a new zombie-based first-person shooter (FPS) game crops up to challenge the status quo of the gaming world. Such is the case with UNKILLED, a new game launched by MADFINGER Games. On the surface, UNKILLED looks to be just another zombie shooter, but this game offers up a totally unique experience for FPS and zombie fans alike.

UNKILLED – FPS Zombie Games IPA MOD (install) For Iphone & Ipad

UNKILLED takes place in a post-apocalyptic New York City which is overrun by mutated zombies. The multiplayer-focused game allows players to select from one of five unique characters before playing through various missions. These missions require players to make their way through the desolate cityscape, blasting zombies and other creatures with a huge variety of weapons.

UNKILLED – FPS Zombie Games IPA MOD (unlimited) For Iphone & Ipad

UNKILLED also features some unique social elements. By taking part in daily events and competing in leaderboards, players can earn rewards which they can then spend on customizing their characters and upgrading their weapons. Each customizable character also has their own special skills and abilities which can be used to help them survive the zombie horde.

UNKILLED – FPS Zombie Games IPA MOD (free shopping) For Iphone & Ipad

The graphics and audio of UNKILLED make it a cut above most zombie shooters. The darkened streets are brought to life with incredible lighting and shadows, while the soundtrack is appropriately creepy and unsettling. The controls of UNKILLED are also exceptional, with the game offering a great balance between accessibility and challenge.

UNKILLED – FPS Zombie Games IPA MOD For Iphone & Ipad

Overall, UNKILLED is an excellent game which offers plenty of content for the zombie shooter fan. With unique characters, a great story, and awesome graphics and audio, UNKILLED may well become the next big zombie shooter of the year.


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