Twisted Wave Audio Editor Mod (Premium Unlocked) Install For Ios

Twisted Wave Audio Editor
Twisted Wave Audio Editor
Twisted Wave Audio Editor Ios is a expert device for editing, recording, and studying audio. WaveEditor additionally helps a massive form of document kinds that make it appropriate for audio layout conversion and media playback.


Twisted Wave Audio Editor (Premium Unlocked)

• Multi-Track blending and editing
• WAV or MP3 recording formats
• Visual evaluation tools (FFT, oscilloscope, spectrogram)
• Supported import formats: 3gp, aac, aif, aifc, aiff, alac, amr, au, caf, flac, htk, iff, m4a, mat4, mat5, mp3, mp4, ogg, paf, pcm, pvf, raw, sd2, sf, snd, svx, voc, w64, wav, xi

Twisted Wave Audio Editor Mod For Ios

• Supported export formats: aiff, flac, mp3, ogg, pcm, wav
• Standalone and in-editor audio recorders
• USB Microphone guide (More info:
• Built-in document browser for loading and saving documents
• 32-bit floating factor sign processing
• Single pattern editing
• Zooming, panning, and choice functions
• Macro tactics inclusive of fade, reverse, & invert
• Amplitude meter
• Undo/redo & copy/paste functions
• Compact view putting for smaller devices
• Separate audio layout conversion utility
• Pitch correction
• Recorder widget (Pro)

Twisted Wave Audio Editor Last Version

• Chorus(Pro)
• Crusher (Pro)
• Delay (Pro)
• Distortion (Pro)
• Phaser (Pro)
• Reverb (Pro)
• De-Esser
• Filter
• Graphic EQ
• Parametric EQ (Pro)
• Stereo Mixer
• Compressor (Pro)
• Multi-band Compressor (Pro)

Twisted Wave Audio Editor Ipa

• Gain
• Limiter
• Noise Gate
• Normalization
• Insert Silence
• Silence Removal
• Tone Generator
• Resample
• Granular Stretch
• Pitch Correction (Pro)
• Pitch Shift (Pro)
• Time Stretch (Pro)
• Tapestop

Twisted Wave Audio Editor Ipa Download

Pro Upgrade
The loose model of Twisted Wave Audio Editor includes many functions and is pretty useful. However, if you want this app, purchase the upgraded model to absolutely make use of its potential. This may be completed in the app thru In App Billing, and guarantees destiny guide in addition to new functions in later releases.

Twisted Wave Audio Editor Mod Version

Benefits of upgrading are as follows:
• All classified ads removed
• All consequences unlocked
• Access to Recorder widget

Twisted Wave Audio Editor Mod Version

Permission Details
• Read/Write Storage – Used for uploading and exporting audio documents from storage. Required to apply app.
• Record – Used for recording audio from mic. Optional, however required to apply recorder.

Twisted Wave Audio Editor Ipa Version

Added 192kHz and 176.4kHz sample rates for export.
Added 64-bit export encoding for WAV and FLAC.
Added ability to export as CAF/ALAC files.
Increased Chorus max delay to 25ms.
Added Sample and Hold as a distortion type.

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