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The iStory for Instagram application is simple and straightforward to use. By simply selecting multiple pictures and videos stored on a user’s mobile device, the app enables users to quickly assemble stories and slideshows to post on their Instagram account. The app has a wide range of slide transition styles and a selection of filters and fonts that allow users to craft a unique and aesthetically pleasing story.

iStory for Instagram IPA


In the age of digital communication, the latest addition to the suite of applications for the discerning social media user is the iStory for Instagram app. Developed in response to the growing popularity of Instagram, users of the application can quickly and easily put together stylish, professional-looking stories and slideshows to share on the popular platform.The iStory for Instagram application also comes with several useful features. Users can add music from their own library or from the app’s own library. They can also access the app’s photo editor in order to fine-tune and adjust the images used in their stories and slideshows, ensuring that the finished product looks its absolute best.

iStory for Instagram IPA FOR ALL VERSION IOS

The iStory for Instagram app is ideal for the user who wants to quickly create visually appealing stories and slideshows for their Instagram followers. With its clean and easy-to-use features, the app is a great way to share memories and experiences with friends and family in an attractive and visually stunning way. So go ahead, be creative and make your Instagram followers’ feed stunning with iStory for Instagram.
Introducing iStory – The Must-Have App for All Instagram UsersAre you an Instagram user? If so, you will no doubt be aware of the immense popularity and potential of this platform. However, what if we told you that you could take your Instagram presence to the next level with the iStory app?

iStory for Instagram IPA LAST VERSION

iStory is a revolutionary new app that gives Instagram users an incredibly simple yet efficient way to boost their visibility and engagement with other users. From managing multiple social media accounts to scheduling posts and analyzing performance, iStory streamlines the process, ensuring users get the most out of their Instagram account.To begin, the user simply has to register for the app and log in with their Instagram credentials. They will then be taken to the dashboard where they can find all the main features and functions of the app. From here, users can manage multiple accounts and create, delete and modify posts from within the app.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD iStory for Instagram IPA

The main highlight of iStory is the ability to schedule posts in advance. Users can prepare posts for up to 7 days in advance, ensuring that content is well-timed and effectively shared amongst their followers. In addition, users will be able to analyze the performance of their posts, such as the amount of likes, shares and comments received, and the demographic breakdown of their audience.All this is achieved in a matter of minutes, saving users precious time and allowing them to focus on creating high-quality content.

iStory for Instagram IPA MOD

In short, iStory is the must-have app for every Instagram user. By taking care of the technical aspects of sharing content, users can make the most out of their accounts and drive more engagement with other users. Don’t wait – download iStory today and start boosting your Instagram presence!IStory for Instagram APP is the newest and most exciting photo and video sharing app in the market. It allows users to turn their photos and videos into beautiful and vibrant stories that can be shared with friends and family.

iStory for Instagram MOD FOR IPAD AND IPHONE

With the iStory for Instagram APP, users can instantly turn their photos and videos into stories that can instantly be shared with their contacts and followers. The photos and videos used to create stories can simply be uploaded from the user’s camera roll or from other popular social media sites. This allows users to use multiple photo and video formats to create breathtaking stories.The iStory for Instagram APP also allows users to customize and tweak their stories with various tools and features. Users can add music to their stories, giving them more life and vibrancy. Additionally, users can create beautiful graphics by selecting from the numerous frames and graphics available on the app.

iStory for Instagram IPA FREE DOWNLOAD

The amazing features in the iStory for Instagram APP makes it one of the best photo and video sharing apps in the market. With its unique and creative features, users can make their stories truly stand out and impress their friends and family.Moreover, stories created in the iStory for Instagram APP can be directly viewed on viewers’ Instagram home pages without them having to leave the Instagram app. This makes the viewing experience seamless and more enjoyable.

iStory for Instagram MOD

All in all, the iStory for Instagram APP is the perfect photo and video-sharing platform for anyone looking to create and share beautiful stories. With its numerous features and tools, users can create stunning stories that will mesmerize their viewers.

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