Getcontact IPA MOD (unlocked primum) For IOS

Being able to stay in touch with friends and family has become easier than ever in the modern world, thanks to a variety of services and technologies. However, many of these services can be limited in the privacy they offer, leaving users vulnerable to security breaches. Enter GetContact, the revolutionary new app that is designed to protect user privacy without giving up the features they love.

Getcontact IPA MOD (install) For IOS

GetContact is a free service that helps users store their contact lists and keep them private. All contacts entered into the app are stored securely using military-grade encryption, meaning that hackers and other malicious actors have no way of accessing the data. Users have the option to select which contacts should be private and which should be public, giving them full control over who gets to see their contact list.


Getcontact IPA MOD (unlimited) For IOS

The app also has a powerful search feature that allows users to search for contacts by name, email, phone number, or any other information they have about them. This makes it easy to find old friends or business contacts quickly and efficiently. There’s also the option to set up customized groups, which makes it easy to keep close contacts organized and in touch with one another.


Getcontact IPA MOD (Ad-free) For IOS

In addition, GetContact gives users a safer way to receive and manage incoming calls. When someone tries to call you, the app checks their contact details against the list of numbers stored in your app. If the caller is in your contact list, the call will go through. Otherwise, it will be blocked from coming through. This allows you to protect yourself from unwanted calls, such as spam or fraud calls.


Finally, GetContact users can rest assured that their data is safe and secure thanks to the app’s rigorous security measures. All data is encrypted and stored in multiple geographically separate data centers, meaning that even if one center becomes compromised, it won’t affect the user’s data in the other centers.

Getcontact IPA MOD For IOS

For anyone who is in need of a secure, user-friendly way to manage their contacts list and keep themselves safe from unwanted calls, GetContact is the perfect choice. With the level of security and control that it offers, it’s a great option for keeping private contacts safe and out of reach.


Here are the features we added to Getcontact in the new version! - With Assistant Service (Only Turkey & US) Who called: Know who called you, when and how many times when your phone is off or busy. Voicemails: Forward callers to voicemail when you can't answer, are busy, or unreachable. - You can now see "Recommended Channels" and can choose a username when joining channels. - We've made some performance improvements.

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