Frame Player MOD Install For Ios

Frame Player MOD IPA is a complicated video participant that allow you to see a recorded video at numerous playback speeds retaining audio synchronization, play body-by-body, zoom-in any a part of the video, and shop frames as pix to the tool storage. Just pick a video from gallery or document a brand new one from the App, and press the “Start” button to open the participant. You can allow a short academic approximately the participant controls, and disable it while you want.


Frame Player MOD Install For Ios

Frame Player robotically calculates video framerate (frames displayed in line with second) for the body-by-body playback. If you don’t forget this calc is incorrect and you realize the proper value, you could set it manually.

Frame Player IPA

Known issues: walking over low-cease gadgets with Android Lollipop, gradual and speedy movement might not play smoothly.

Bug fixed: Android +7 not storing exported frames

* Note: If you use Google Photos App, you will see them on "Albums" tab

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