3 Things Todo List for Focus Mod (Premium Unlocked) Install For Ios

3 Things Todo List for Focus Ios is designed to help you work through your todo list. This method is inspired by the Ivy Lee Method, a technique used successfully to help people prioritize the most important things each day and then to focus on those until they’re accomplished.


3 Things Todo List for Focus Mod For Ios


???? Productivity is not about creating the “perfect” todo list that has every detail. It’s actually about being able to say no so that you can prioritize the top 3 most impactful things you should be doing.

3 Things Todo List for Focus Ipa

???? Repeat this process of committing to 3 things and watch yourself get more done with less.

3 Things Todo List for Focus Mod

• 6/14/22 – Widgets
• 5/26/22 – Crash Fix
• 5/19/22 – Inbox Todo Controls
• 5/13/22 – Redesign: themes, inbox todos
• 6/5/20 – Menu button, fetch earliest day so you can browse back.
• 6/3/20 – "Do Tomorrow" feature for things you don't finish.
• 5/30/20 – Revamped settings screen for sending feedback.
• 5/24/20 – Special message for completing all 3.
• 5/22/20 – Coded and released in 1 day.

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